WestConnex 3B Acoustic Wall

WestConnex 3B Acoustic Wall   (M4-M5 Link – Rozelle Interchange) 

Project Information

WestConnex is Australia’s largest road project and is part of an integrated transport plan to keep Sydney moving; easing congestion, creating jobs and connecting communities. WestConnex will provide a vital missing link in Sydney’s motorway network and support Sydney’s economic growth and urban revitalisation.

The Rozelle Interchange is a new underground motorway interchange which provides connectivity to the M4-M5 Link Tunnels and the City West Link, and underground bypass of Victoria Road between Iron Cove Bridge and Anzac Bridge. The Rozelle Interchange also provides a connection to the future Western Harbour Tunnel.

PBS Contract Specifics

During 2020/21 PBS supplied one Acoustic Wall to the WestConnex Project.

Iron Cove Tunnel Noise Wall rated at Rw40.

WestConnex 3B – Iron Cove Link Wall