Clem 7 Acoustic Sheds and Canopies

Clem 7 Acoustic Sheds and Canopies

Clem 7 – Northern Canopy

Project Information

The motorway is designed to alleviate traffic congestion in the rapidly growing city, especially in the congested central business district and Fortitude Valley.  The major benefit of the 6.8 km toll road is that it bypasses 24 sets of traffic lights, potentially saving 15 minutes of travel time, and provides an additional Brisbane River crossing. The concrete road includes 4.8 km of tunnel and 18 bridges. It has two lanes of traffic in each direction via parallel tubes.There are 41 cross-passages spaced every 120 metres in the tunnel for use in emergencies. Access from the southern end is via Shaftson Avenue, Ipswich Road and the Pacific Motorway.  Northern connections include Lutwyche Road, the Inner City Bypass and the Airport Link tunnel.

Tunnel under construction

There is a smoke reduction ceiling to rapidly draw out smoke in case of a fire or explosion.  The ventilation system incorporates 100 jet fans. The speed limit is 80 km/h (50 mph) and there are 165 emergency phones.  The eight speed cameras form Queensland’s highest concentration of fixed speed detection devices and have been justified as a way of reducing the potential for high-speed crashes.  A traffic control centre staffed by 50 personnel continually monitors the tunnel using 250 cameras.

Steel and aluminium sculptures at the entrances act as transitional light filters. They were designed by architect John Ilett, who also designed the colourful exhaust fume stacks.  The red and purple colours were inspired by the jacaranda and poinciana trees.Included in the design are a series of urban enhancements such as parklands and road widening in adjacent suburbs.

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Clem 7 – TBM Building
Clem 7 – TBM Building – 245T Crane
Clem 7 – Northern Canopy – Top View
Clem 7 – Northern Canopy – Under Lights 1
Clem 7 – Northern Canopy – Under Lights 2
Clem 7 – Northern Canopy – Under Lights 3
Clem 7 – Shafston Canopy 1
Clem 7 – Shafston Canopy – Underside
Clem 7 – Gibbon Street Acoustic Shed
Clem 7 – Shafston Acoustic Shed
Clem 7 – Precast – Internal Access